Bakreswar Dham, A miracle Temple Of India having hot springs..

Maha Pitha, Sidhapitha Bakreswar Dham, is one of the prominent pilgrim sites of West Bengal and is a famous tourist destination in Birbhum. It is one of the 51 Sakthi Pithas where forehead and brows of Goddess Sathi fell and worshiped as Mahishmardini. Bakreswar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Bakranath) and goddess Kali. On the month of Shravan, the temple area is flooded with devotes. Bakreswar temple is also famous for hot springs. It is believed that the water of the hot springs have healing properties.

Bakreswar Temple

Bakreswar temple is the only temples in West Bengal which have hot springs. In Bengali, the place is also called ‘Garom Jol er Ghat’. It is one of the most visited temples in West Bengal. It is a place of spiritual significance along with natural extravagance.  

In my childhood, my mother used to say that there is a temple where miraculously waters boil on its own. I used to get amazed, how it is possible. Without fire, how can water boil on its own?? From my childhood, it was my ardent wish to visit that miraculous temple.

My wish got fulfilled on Jan’2021. I was enthralled. After visiting Messanjore dam, we headed towards the temple. After a long drive of approximately 2hrs, we reached the temple around 4pm.

There is ample parking space and myriads of shops & stalls. We parked our car and reached the entrance gate. There is a booking counter along the boundary wall of the temple. Entry fee is Rs 5/- only per head.


There is a beautiful garden at the entry point. As we entered, the blooming flowers of the garden embraced us.

After the garden, on right hand side, there is a big pond where hundreds of devotees were taking their holy dip. This is a spiritual place.

devotees taking holy dip

As we walked on, I met with my dream place. I saw the first hot spring. The boiling of water was clearly audible. My heart cheered with joy. I thanked god for giving me the opportunity to witness the astonishing miracle of nature.

hot spring

It was a holy moment for me. I hold tightly the handrail surrounding the hot spring and stood there for 15-20mins only listening to the water. It is the sound of Mother Nature.

As we proceeded, there were more hot springs. I took many pictures and selfie with hot spring. The place was surrounded with devotees and they were gazing at the hot spring.

We all are amazed by the diversity and miracle of the nature.

Bakreswar temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and is one of the Sat pith also. The temple is constructed in “rekha-deul” architectural style of Orissa where the main temple is surrounded by numerous small temples.


A series of steps lead to the temple. We stood in a small queue to go inside the sanctum. After a few minutes waiting, we got the opportunity to go inside.

outside the main temple

Now, we are inside the sanctum sitting in front of the idol of lord Shiva. Priest performed a puja with us. It was a divine moment. We were anointed by god.

priest performing puja
Inside the temple
inside temple

This is my first experience, when I got the chance to perform puja inside the sanctum of a very famous temple. I was beautified. I vowed and prayed to the Lord.

We spend almost 15mins inside the sanctum. Then we got the divine blessings from Maa Mahishmardini which is one of the shakti pith.

feet of mother

The temple and the surrounding area are very serene. Our soul got rejuvenated. We were feeling very refreshed and relaxed. All our tiredness got vanished in the purity of the place. Our soul was imbued with peace and the day ended with a great mental satisfaction.  


How to reach Bakreswar temple, Birbhum

By Air: The nearest airport is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata. And the temple is around 240km from Kolkata.
By Train: The nearest railway station is Birbhum. This station is well-connected to most of the major cities. The temple can be easily reached from Howrah as there are several trains that run from Howrah to Birbhum. For trains from Howrah, visit the link below


By Road: There is an abundance of private and public transportation options available from most major cities of West Bengal, especially Kolkata. There are bus services plying from cities like Kolkata and Siliguri to Birbhum.

Entry fee – Rs 5/- per head

Bakreswar temple Timings – from 5am – 10pm

Tour itinerary

Bakreswar – Tarapith – Shantiniketan tour in 02 days.

Day 01 – Visit Tarapith at early in the morning. Then visit Massanjore dam and at last visit Bakreswar temple. It takes approximately 2hrs to reach Massanjore dam from Tarapith and 1hr 15mins to reach the Bakreswar temple from Massanjore dam. Night stay at Shantiniketan.

Day 02-  Visit Kankali temple at early morning. Then visit Biswa Bharti University, Sonajhuri haat, Surul Rajbari, Amar Kutir.

You can also visit the links below to get complete idea of Bolpur and Sonajhuri haat tour.

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