” GIRIDHI “….. a hamlet in Jharkhand..

There is an emotional attachment of all the Bengalis with Usri River, who has read Sahoj Path by Kobi guru Rabindranath Tagore in their childhood.  There was a desire from my childhood that once in a life time, I will sit by the side of Usri River and my ardent wish was fulfilled on this Holi, 2020.

Usri falls is in Giridhi, Jharkhand, situated in Chhotanagpur plateaus .It is located at 24.18°N 86.3°E. It has an elevation of 289m. Giridhi means the land of hills. Giridhi is a place with bountiful of natural beauty. It comprises of falls, dams, temples, forest and hills. It is also rich in mineral sources and has several large coal fields. Barakar and Usri rivers are the two main water resources of Giridhi.

We started our journey from Kolkata by train and got down in Madhupur station. We booked two rooms of a hotel in MADHUPUR to freshen up. From Madhupur, we hired cab to reach Giridhi. We didn’t book our hotel earlier; so on the way we booked our hotel from The distance from Madhupur to Giridhi is approximately 52km.

We decided to do the sightseeing of Giridhi before reaching the hotel. The main attractions of Giridhi are Usri falls, Paresnath temple and Khandoli dam. 

Our driver dada took us to Khandoli dam first. It is located 10 km North East of Giridih. The dam provides water supply to more than lakhs of people staying in Giridhi town.

Dams are created to restrict the flow of water to suppress flood and channelize the water for for various activities like irrigation, driking water consumption, industrial use etc.

If we can train our brain to work like dam by restricting the flow of negative thinking of our mind and channelize this negative energy into positive thoughts, then many problems of our life will be automatically solved.

To enter the dam area, there is an entry fee. There is a beautiful park at the foot of the Khandoli hill.

Boating facilities are also available in Khandoli Lake. In winter, migratory birds are seen around the Lake. In general, tourists throng at this place during winter to enjoy boat rides and to watch migratory birds.

There is a watch tower and the place is beautifully decorated with plants, sculptures. . This place is ideal for Toddlers as well as for adults.

There are many food stall in the area.

This place is gaining it’s popularity amongst tourist because of its beautiful landscape, availability of boating facilities and play area for childern.

Our second destination was Usri falls. Usri means “ beautiful source.”

It is located 13km east of Giridhi. There was no entry fee. At the entry point of the falls, there are few trees which were blooming with Palash flowers.

It was an astonishing feeling. I just recalled the chapter in Sahojpaath where usri river is mentioned. I was standing agape in front of the falls with lots of childhood memories.

The falls is in amidst of lush green forest. Mother Nature has blessed the place with abundant greenery.

It is indeed very difficult to describe the beauty of the falls. It is a piece of art of nature. The water falling f nirom the falls seems like drooling of Mother Nature.

The sound of the falling water will automatically slowed down our distress level.

My heart became calm and mind got settled by listening the music of nature sang by the waterfall.

Outside the falls, there are very few shops.

Our last destination was Paresnath temple. It is a religious place and is pilgrimage center for Jain people.The name of the hill is given Parashnath, the 23rdTirthankara. It is said that 20 of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras attained moksha on this hill. The temples on the hill are believed to be more than 2,000 years old. It is an example of splendid architecture.

To reach the temple, we have to trek for 4-5 hours. As we reached the place in the evening, so it was not possible to climb the hill and reach the temple. So, we roamed around the foot of the hill. There are many temples at the foot of the hill. There are shops on both side of the road. There are many hotels also.

It is very difficult for the elder people to reach the summit of the Paresnath hill. Man pulled dolis are available. It is a like Palki, a wooden chair which is driven by men. 

This is a holy place and has historical significance also. It is among the most popular destination of Jharkhand. There are numerous shops at the foot of the hill.

After a tiresome day, we reached hotel Virndaban Palace. The hotel is veg hotel. Maximum hotels in Giridhi are veg. We ordered veg thali and the food was scrumptious that incorporated local cuisine..

Our hotel was adjacent to Sai temple. In the next morning, we visited the beautiful Sai temple.

Many famous people have lived here. Sir Jagadish Candra Bose spent his last days in Giridhi and a girl’s school is named in his honour. Jnan Chandra Ghosh studied at the Giridhi High School. The Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore also spent some time here.The famous film maker Satyajit Ray, spent his childhood here. 

Giridhi is a very old and beautiful hamlet in the lap of Chotanagar plateaus. It is famous for its scenic beauty, which attract the visitors from all over. It also recognized as a health resorts. So, for a change, it can be a good option to spent few days here.

Why to visit GIRIDHI?

I) It is also know as health resort and this place is blessed with natural beauty.

II) It is the land of hills, falls and covered by dense forest.

III) There are many devotional places in and around Giridhi like Pareshnath temple, Baba Dham etc.

IV) You can also visit other tourist places which are easily accessible from Giridhi like Deoghar, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Hazaribagh.

Places of interest:-

The main tourist attractions are Khandoli Dam, Usri falls and Pareshnath Temple.

How to Reach:-

Giridih Station is connected to Madhupur Junction and regular train runs between two station.

The nearest airport is Ranchi.

The NH 19 (old NH 2), Grand Trunk Road passes through Giridih.

Trip Cost:-

Different ranges of hotels are available. A standard hotel starts from Rs 1000.

Cab fare are Rs 1000/1200+oil cost Rs 10/12 per litre.

Travel Itinerary:-

Day 01- Reached Giridhi via Madhupur. Can do sightseeing of Khandolli dam , Usri falls and Sai Mandir.

Day 02- Reach Pareshnath temple early in the morning. There is nothing much more to see in Giridhi. If you want you can board train that night or next day.

If you want to extend your journey, then you can go to Deoghar also.

Day 03- Start your journey in the early morning from Giridhi to reach Deoghar. On the way you go to Sat Sangha, Nou Lakha Mandir.

Day 04- Do the sightseeing of Deoghar. At eraly morning, visit Baba Dham. Then you can visit Trikut Pahar and Tapovan.

Travel Tip

  1. Maximum hotels are vegetarian. But don’t get disappointed. Few Non veg hotels are also available.

2. To reach Paresnath temple, start your journey as early as possible in the morning. There are many hotels at the foot of hill. So, instead of staying in Giridhi, you can also stay here.

3. Pareshnath temple can be visited by old people and childern also. There is no need to walk as Dolis, like palki are available to take people to the top of the hill.

4. Khandoli Dam can be best enjoyed in the evening.

5. Try to visit Giridhi in winter.

6. If you are a sweet lover, then don’t forget to taste the famous sweet , Tilkut of Giridhi..

Once in a year, do visit a place where you have never been before.. ” by Dalai Lama. To live a healthy and happy life, continue travelling. There are enormous places in the world. Travel more, live more..


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