Hangseswari Temple,  WEST BENGAL

Hangseswari Temple,

Temple architecture has always fascinated me. The grandeur, intricate detail work, architectural design has always attracted me. Hangsesawri Temple was in my bucket list for so many years due to its distinctive design.I have visited so many temples in West Bengal, but haven’t seen such a unique castle like design. This temple is the finest example of Tantrik architecture.

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Hangseswari temple is an immensely beautiful, castle like Hindu temple situated in Bansberia at Hoogly District of West Bengal, India. Bansberia is an industrial town located in between Bandel and Triben and besides holy river Ganga. It is around 1.5-2hrs drive from Kolkata.

The construction of the temple was started by Raja Nrisingha Deb Roy. After his demise, the work was completed by his wife Rani Sankar on 1814.

The unique design of temple –

The architectural design of the temple is very distinctive and unique.           It is 05 storied temple and has 13 minarets. The tops of the minarets are shaped like the blooming lotus buds. 

Raja Nrisingha Deb Roy had affinity towards tantric cult and was an avid tantra sastra practitioner for many years. He devoted his last few years to tantra sastra . It was his dream project. This temple is influenced by “Tantrik Satchakrabhed”. And it deals with the basic ideas of human body . This Tantrik architecture expresses the microcosm in the temple structure, which is a symbolic of Human Body.

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The 05 storied of the temple represents the five parts of our human body such as Bajraksha, Ira, Chitrini, Pingala and Sushumna. The inner chamber acts as a brain of the temple. And is well connected with all 13 minarets through narrow passages. The narrow passages represent the nerves of human body.

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Deity –

It is a temple of goddess Hangseswari. And the deity worshiped here is manifestation of Kali Mata. The deity is standing on lotus flower. It is made with neem-wood and has 04 arms. And painted with blue colour.

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Kali Mata is standing on her right leg and the left leg is resting on her right thigh. To curb the demons, Mother is carrying a sword at her upper left hand. And on lower left hand, a head of demon. Her upper right hand is posing “Abhaya Mudra” which depicts her as a “Protector”. She protects the world from all the evils. To blessed her devotees, her lower right hand is set free.

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Other temple in the premises –

The temple premises also host Ananta Basudeba Temple which is standing adjacent to the main temple building.

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It is a terracotta temple with intricate and exquisite terracotta detailed work in it. It is a perfect example of Bengal terracotta temple architecture.

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The structure of the Hangseswari temple has a resemblance with St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow. It was built during 1555-1561. It is a very famous cathedral with unique architectural style. It has 08 distinctive towers whose tops are onion shaped.

Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-23-18-49-22.jpg
St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow

For proper illumination at night, the whole premise of the temple has intricate designed lampposts.

Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-23-18-54-59.jpg
Lamp post..

There is a big pond at the entrance of the temple. And the lanes leading to the temple are well decorated.

The Pond at the entrance..
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Entrance gate

There is a big ancient property lying adjacent to the temple premise.

Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-23-19-01-44.jpg
adjacent property..
Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-23-19-07-45.jpg
Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-22-01-40-48.jpg
the entrance of the property
Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-23-19-06-20.jpg
Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-22-01-11-07.jpg

I got astonished when I first saw the two different architectural temple style i.e. the white coloured unique castle styled Hangseswari temple and red coloured Bengal terracotta temple. Both are standing adjacently. The designs of both the temples are unique. And both the temples are portraying their unique features. 

Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-22-00-40-19.jpg

The lush green landscape of the temple premises, the striking red and white colour contrast of both the temples, unique design makes the whole ambience very pleasant and serene.

Description: F:\saampaaa\HANGSESWARI TEMPLE\pics\2020-07-23-18-59-44.jpg

The peaceful environment is very surreal. It is a worth visiting place. If you have affinity towards historical places with unique architectural design, then this temple is the perfect place for you.

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How to reach

By Train- The nearest railway station is Bansberia. The station falls under Bandel(Jn)-Katwa Main Line. If you are travelling from Howrah or Sealdah, you have to board the Katwa bound main line train. Toto and rickshaws are available from Bansberia station to reach the temple.

By Road- It is 1.5-2 hrs. Drive from Kolkata via Kalyani express high way.

Nearby places you can also visit

For a one day tour in Hoogly district, along with Hangseswari Temple, you can also visit

  1. Bandel Church– It is the oldest church in West Bengal. It is the basilica of Holy Rosary. And is known as Bandel church. It is just 6 km from the Hangseswari temple. It is located in Bandel.
  2. Imambara – It is a Shia Muslim congregation hall and mosque in Bandel. IIt has a tall clock tower over the entrance gate. It is 7.5km from the Hangseswari temple.
  3.  Lal baba ashram – It is situated in Debanandapur, Manushpur village. And is 8.5 km from the Hangseswari temple.


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