How to make ‘Taler Kheer’? A delicious desert with 04 ingredients..

‘Taler Kheer’ is a homemade desert. It is a very scrumptious dish which is prepared from the pulp of Tal or Palm fruit. In West Bengal, it is prepared during monsoon and is offered to Lord Krishna as Prasad in Janmashtami. It is very delicate dish and is very laborious to prepare.

Ingredients –

Pulp of Palm fruit – 01 piece fruit

Grated coconut -01 medium size

Sugar- as per taste

Water –as required for extraction of pulp

Time required – nearly 1.5hrs


  1. Peel off the fruit.
  2. Take out the yellow kernels from the fruit.
  3. Take a bowl. Take one yellow kernels and add some water. Start to knead continuously to extract the pulp. Do this until the yellow colour of the tal becomes almost white. Do this process to all the yellow kernels.
  4. Take a coconut and grate it.
  5. Take a kadai or pan. Add the pulp. Now add grated coconut and sugar in the pan and mix them evenly with the help of a spatula. You can also add some milk. But that is optional.
  6. Turn on the gas and put the kadai over the oven.
  7. The whole cooking will be done in simmer.
  8. Stir the mixture frequently so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.
  9. Cook it until it changes its consistency and becomes thick.
  10. Turn off the flame. Your dish is ready to serve.