“India has many dams, Massanjore dam of Jharkhand is one of them. It is one of the famous tourist spot of Jharkhand. It is hydropower generating dam, constructed over Mayurakshi River near Dumka. It was commissioned in 1955 and is inaugurated by Lester B. Pearson, Foreign Minister of Canada. It is the dam whose other name is a country name. Yes, it is also known as Canada dams because it is funded by the counterpart money supplied by Canda to India for buying wheat and other materials.”
dam during sunset

After pandemic, this was our first two day trip to Bolpur and Tarapith, Massanjore, Bakreswar. We visited the place on 26th jan, 2021. After having darshan at Tarapith, we reached the dam around 1pm. As it was winter, so weather was pleasant. There are two gates to enter or exists the dam. No entry fee is needed. We entered from gate number 1.

There were sparsely visitors roaming around the dam. They were enjoying the beauty of the dam.

The thing that grabs my attention was the whirling sound of water. The tiredness of the journey got diminished by hearing this wonderful sound. The colour of the water was green and the foam was white.  The colour was soothing my eyes. The water was very aggressive. All the droplets of water were singing there joy of freedom.  I stood there silently for more than half an hour and got amazed by the melodious song of whirling water.  

the deep green water

On that side of the dam, there was a big tree on which lots of parrots were sitting on the branches. Some of them were fluttering their wings. I think they were also enjoying the sound of water. As camera is prohibited, I tried to capture with my cell phone.

Parrots enjoying the music

The dam is 47.25m high from its base and its length is 661.58m. The storage capacity of the dam is 620,000,000 cubic meters when it is full and has an area of approximately 16,650 acres.

We ambled on the dam. On the other side of the dam, the water was blue and very calm. The water was steadfast. The deep blue water lulled my soul.

the calm water

The barrier between the water, made their nature so contradictory. The landscape below the dam was great. The area is filled with greenery.

downward view from dam

Boats were riding over this calm blue water, enlivened the place. People were enjoying boat road. Boat ride facilities were available outside gate .

boat ride
towards the boat

The boat ride steered us to the booking counter. We bought the ticket and stood in the queue to catch the boat. When we reached the deck, it was shaking. We got our boat. There were around 10-12 seating arrangements. We got our seat at the back side. It was very thrilling. When the boat was turning around, many of us were screaming. It was an amazing experience.

waiting for boat ride
on the way to boat

There was a unique place for photo-shoot. The place was decorated with soft toys like tigers, lions, flowers etc. there was facilities to get instant photographs as professional photographers were there to take the photos. The deep blue sky within the loved signed flowers was looking incredible.

love designed with artificial flowers
soft toys for photoshoot
kids enjoying with toys

We almost spent 2hrs. Now, it’s time to have our lunch and move forward for our last destination. We came outside of the dam through gate number as our cab was parked outside the gate. There were few small eateries stall. As it was late afternoon, food stuff were finished in some of the stall. But luckily, rice thali was available in one of them.


We completed our lunch and headed to our next destination. But before getting in the cab, I captured many pictures to behold the memories.


 The dam is basically a center of hydropower generating located amidst in hills and greenery. Its charming and enchanting beauty made it a popular tourist spot. So, if you are planning to visit Jharkhand, then please do visit the dam.


Location –

Entry fee- nothing


From October to February- 6am to 5.30pm

From March to September – 6am-6pm

Accommodation in Massanjore

  1. Youth hostel, government of West Bengal, provides accommodation facilities which can be booked through the link


  • Mayurakshi Bhawan Bungalow and Inspec­tion Bungalow offer excellent and comfortable accommodation in the village. For bookings contact: Deputy Secretary, Irrigation Department, Water Resource, Development Building, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Phone +91 33 23212259.
  • Accommodation is also available in Jharkhand tourist lodge.
  • Hotels are also available.

Can be reached

By road,

It is connected to District of Jharkhand and Westbangal by Road. It is at a distance of 59km from Vakreshwara, 50km from  Sainthia, 70km from Tarapith, 62km from  Rampurhat and 99km from Deoghar.

By train

It is approximately 30 Km from Dumka Station and 35 Km from Suri Station.

By air

The nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata. The dam is approximately 300km from the airport.  

Tour itenery

Day 01- Started our journey from Bardhaman around 5am by car. That day we visited 03 places. First we visited Tarapith temple, then Massenjore dam and at last Bakreswar temple. We Had our lunch in one of the stalls in Massenjore Dam and  night stayed at Bolpur.

Day 02- On second day, we roamed in Bolpur. We visited Kalyansaweri temple and Sonajhuri haat. We had our lunch at. Couldn’t visited university as it was closed for tourists. Then we visited Surul Rajbari and returned back to Bardhaman by car.


We hired a cab from Bardhaman on KM basis and stayed one night at hotel. The total cost per person including food, stay and cab is nearly about Rs4000/-.

Travel tips

  1. No entry fee is needed to visit the dam.
  2. Camera is prohibited inside the dam.
  3. If possible, do visit the place in evening to view the amazing sunset.
  4. There are few eateries stall outside the dam. If you want to have lunch here, then have it early because due to rush of visitors, there may be scarcity of food in the stalls.
  5. Camera is not allowed inside the dam.
  6. Do try the boat ride. It is fabulous.