Deoghar,  Naulakha Temple

Naulakha Mandir

“Almighty God is the teacher and temple is the school where I learn how to deal with the perplexities of life. “

Temples are the homes of God and the guests are the devotees who adorn the temple with their faith, prayer and beliefs. They are the prominent landmark of a place due to which development in every sector of society like art, culture &economy have flourished. Temples are one of those place where I found myself close to God. Whenever I visit any temple, my inner strength gets strengthen and feel beatitude and secured. My heart brims with abundance joy and peace and my soul gets enlighten.

So, to get the divine bounties and blessings, we visited “Dev o kaghar” (abode of Gods), Deoghar. On auspicious day of Holi in March, 2019 we visited there. . Deoghar is a very famous pilgrimage destination of Jharkhand and there is stream of thousands of devotees every day. The most sacred abode of Lord Shiva, Vaidyanatha Jyotirlinga temple, also known as Baba Dham, is situated in Deoghar.

Naulakha is another temple of Deoghar which is a predominant tourist attraction due to its splendid architecture and captivating beauty.

On the first day of Deoghar sightseeing, we visited Trikutpahar & Tapovan. While returning we also visited Naulakha temple at evening. We were lucky enough to view the temple in full moon. The temple was looking spectacular in full moon.

But due to scarcity of proper outdoor illumination, we were unable to capture the captivating beauty of the temple.  As it was dawn and we reached the temple around 6 pm, we didn’t had ample time to view the entire temple. So we decided to revisit again in the next morning.

Next day, in the morning, we hired a Toto and went to capture the captivating beauty of Naulakh mandir through my lens. We reached the temple early in morning around 7.30 am and there were no devotees at that time.

It is a Radha Krishna temple. The priest of the temple is a very gentle and humble person. He narrated the history of the temple.


History of the temple

The temple is founded by Queen Charusheela Dasi in 1941. She belongs to Pathuria Ghat King’s family of Kolkata.

Queen left her home due to some heart wrenching incidents in her life. She became widow at an early stage of her life. And could not bear the mental agony of uncertain demises of her husband and son. Her husband’s and son’s death had a very profound effect on her. In grieve; she decided to leave her home and came to Deogarh. When she visited Tapovan, she met holy Saint Balananda Brahmachari. He suggested her to construct a temple in memory of her late husband, Akshay Ghosh and son JatindraGhosh.

So, she donated Rs 9 lakh for the construction of the temple. Because of this, temple was named as “Nau-Lakha” .

Architecture of the temple

Marble stone was used to build the temple. It is a typical example of Hindu temple architecture which comprises of “Garbhagriha”, “Mandapa”, “Shikhara”, & “Kalasha”.

Garbhagriha/ Sanctum – It is that place where the main shrine is housed. It is the womb of the temple and is windowless.

Mandapa – It is the colonnaded hall made for the devotees to sit inside the temple and offer their prayers. It is normally in front of Garbhagriha.

Shikhara – It is the spire which rises symmetrically above the central core of the temple. Due to this tall shikhara, temples can be recognized from far long distances.

Amalaka – A stone disc placed at the top of the shikhara.

Kalasha – A Kalash placed above the amalaka.

It is an immensely beautiful stone carved temple where the shrine of Radha and Krishna are worshiped.

At the entrance of the temple, white marble sculpture of Queen Charusheela Dasi is placed.

 The prayer hall is at first floor and approached by flight of steps. There are multiple entrances to the hall. The colonnaded prayer hall is by very big and airy. It can accommodate many devotes at a time. Devotees can sit here for a long and can devote their feelings to almighty god from here. Prayer hall is leading to the Garbagriha or the sanctum where the deities “Radha and Krishna” rests. Photography is prohibited inside the temple. So couldn’t capture the interior of the temple.

The temple is supported by spiral ornate column with square pedestal. The brackets of the columns are beautifully moulded. The capital of the column i.e. crowning member of the column, supporting the arch are intricately carved.

From ancient time, jaalis had been extensively used in Indian temples. They look stylish and gorgeous and also help in illuminating the area by passing light through them.  In this temple also, Jaali work had been used in many portions like at the railing, parapets etc.

The shikhara of the temple is curved inward. The tallest shikhara of the temple is housed above the Garbhagriha.

It is a two storied temple and the height is approximately 146ft.

The exquisite carvings on the entire temple enhances its beauty.

The temple is sprawling in a large area. The compound is enclosed by lush green trees.

There is a big bee hive hanging from the cornice of the temple.

It is not only the home of Lord Radha – Krishna but also for many species of birds, the vertebrate animals adapted for flight. I was lucky enough to witness few of them. The humming birds sitting on the trees fluttering their wings uplifted my spirit and energy.

Inside the compound and at the entrance of the main gate of the temple, there were many stalls. But as it was Holi and a holiday, so they were all closed.

There is a beautiful building just opposite to the temple complex.

It was very exhilarating to visit the temple early in the morning. The moment was of carefree joy and peace. The auspicious day started with divine blessings. And my mind got filled with beautiful positive thoughts. This was one of the best Holi of my life.

Visitor’s information

  1. Address – Karindabad, Deoghar, Jharkhand-814112
  2. Entry fee- Free
  3. Timing – 7am-12noon, 2pm-7pm
  4. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple.

How to reach

By train – The nearest railway station is Baidyanath Dham. Nearest popular junction station is Jasidih which is connected with almost all the major cities of India.

By air – The nearest airport is Deoghar airport.

Nearby places to visit

There are many places to visit in Deoghar  likeBaba dham, Trikutpahar, Tapovan, Rikhiapeeth Ashram.

If you have 02-03 days morein your hand, do visit Giridhi which is a hill station just 2 hrsdrive from Deoghar.


Most of the hotels and restaurants serve lip-smacking vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian foods are available in limited restaurants.

Please try the pickles. There are varieties of mouthwatering pickles available for sale.

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