Green Leafy Vegetables,  Pat sak er jhol / Jute leaves or Ewedu soup”

“Pat saak er jhol / Jute leaves or Ewedu soup”

“Pat saak er jhol / Jute leaves or Ewedu soup” is a traditional soup of Bengal. This is a very common household soup as it doesn’t require costly ingredients. Our grandparents used to say that this soup is very healthy in summer as it helps to keep you cool from inside and helps to beat the scorching heat.

Benefits of the dish :
Pat sak / Ewedu are a rich source of iron, protein, vitamin A, C, E, and B6. It is very healthy for our eyes. They have anti-inflammatory properties. The leaves contains ample amount of dietary fibers which helps in regulating digestive system. It promotes healthy growth of skin and hair. It fights against cold and flu. It reduces threat of internal bleeding. It is very helpful for restless leg syndrome.

Cost of preparation:-

Pat saak / Ewedu – Rs 40-80/ kg

Time required:-30 mins. (approx.)


Can be served with: – This is served with hot steamed rice.

Ingredients :-
·        Pat sak/ Jute mallows – 250gm
·        Onion – 01 (finely chopped)
·        Garlic – 02-04 pieces (finely chopped)
·        Black nigella seeds/ kalo jeera – 01 tsp
·        Green chilies – 02
·        Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
·        Salt – as per taste
·        Vegetable oil

·        Water – 03-04 cups

Direction for the recipe:-

  • Wash the leaves carefully.
  • Chopped them finely.
  • Cut the green chilies in length wise.
  • Heat oil in pan / kadai.
  • When smokes start coming, add the black nigella seeds.
  • Then add chopped onion and garlic.
  • Let it fry of 01 mins,
  • After then add the green leaves and sprinkle salt and turmeric powder. Mix them well.
  • Let it fry for 03-04 mins.
  • When its volume reduces to a large extent, add water.
  • Let it boil for 05-06 mins. until the water becomes sticky.  Turn off the heat and your soup is ready to serve.

My tips

  • Do the whole cooking in low heat.
  • Wash and clean the leaves very carefully. If not properly cleaned, the soup will become black.
  • Have the dish in summer as it is very healthy and helps to keep you cool from inside.


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