TAJPUR….(a serene beach of West Bengal)

A day at the beach will abate our stress and will rejuvenate our mind and soul. Beach is the ideal place for vacation because the only salt in the world which can lower the blood pressure is the Beach salt.

There are many beaches in West Bengal. Amongst them, Digha is the most popular and very crowdie beach. On the other hand, there are many virgin beaches also. TAJPUR is one of them.

It is a very serene beach with few staying options. Tajpur is located in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, India. It falls in between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. It is approximately 175 km from the state capital Kolkata and is easily accessible.

We were a group of 30 people and went there on 21st December 2019 to spend the weekend. We stayed at Mallika resort which was booked earlier. From Kolkata we started our journey at 7 am by bus. We did our breakfast at the famous restaurant of Kolaghat, Shere-e-Punjab.

After breakfast we started our journey again and reached resort at Tajpur around 1.30 pm and completed our lunch at the earliest. The resort is very beautiful. It is amidst in lush green trees and blooming with colourful flowers. It is built over 22 bighas of land. It has cottages also.


The beach is at walking distance from the resort. So, after resting we all went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Every sunset promises that there will be new sunrise tomorrow.

We all enjoyed the beach on our own way. Some of us ambled in the beach, children were playing and some of us preferred to sit in the shore.

During sunset, the sand was glittering like gold and the beach was transformed into a golden beach.

The evening was well spent inside the resort by chatting, quizzing, singing etc along with tea, delicious vegetarian and chicken pakora.

We completed our dinner at 11 pm and slept well at the hotel rooms. The rooms of the hotel are neat and clean and spacious also.

By viewing the sun rays kissing the sea water is the most beautiful way to start the day. So, the next morning, I wake up early and reached the beach at 5.30 am. I was accompanied by my aunty.  The beach was covered by fog. We walked in the sea shore for a while and then sat on a tea stall waiting to view the sunrise.

The beach was serene. There were only few people in the beach. We enjoyed our morning tea in one of the tea stall in the beach. Around 6.10 am, the first ray of the sun kissed the sea water. It was an amazing moment. Within few minutes, the sun ray engulfed the whole beach. The blooming golden sun gave me the energy to start a refreshing day.

I can sit for hours along the shore to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset.  Beach is the lover’s point where two lovers, sea and sky.  After taking some photographs of the sunrise, I sat in the beach and just gazed at the stunning beauty of the whole environment. I felt so calm and peace from inside.

With a positive soul, we came back to our resort from the beach. Mallika resort is truly a beautiful resort. There is a big pond inside the resort. There is a organic firm also where cauliflower, raddish, beetroot, brinjal are cultivated.

The resort is encompassed with 70-80 mango trees with 13 different varieties of Mango from different states of India like fozil, lalbagh, Mallika etc.

There are also varieties of summer fruit trees like jamrul, jackfruit, chikoos, etc.

The resort also have geese, turkey, Guinea fowls along with a family of Kamori goats.

The resort is simply awesome. The staffs are very amicable and the hospitality is truly commendable.

After completing the breakfast, we visited the main Tajpur beach. There were many stalls near the beach. Fishes were there for sale. We spent there around 1 hr.

With lots of unforgettable memories, around 11 in the morning, we boarded the bus to return back to Kolkata. It was a remarkable trip.

Our life is like ocean. The waves are like the problems in our life which always tries to push back but if we know how to fight back, then we will surf in the wave and will definitely enjoy life to the fullest. I will visit the virgin beach again because for others, it’s just blue water but for me it is the place from where I get back my sanity.

By adding some beach salt in our life, makes it more blissful. So, to spend a weekend in a peaceful beach near to Kolkata, Tajpur is a great choice.

How to reach –

Buses go to Tajpur from Dharamtala/ Esplanade/ Garia bus stand, Kolkata frequently.

12847- howrah digha super ac express from howrah

12857- tamralipta express from howrah

15722- Paharia express from howrah

22897- Kandari express from howrah

Trip cost –

Bus fare from Kolkata start from Rs 150 and above

Train fare from Howrah station is from Rs 100 – Rs 1000

Hotel – different tariff are available. In Mallika resort rooms are available from Rs 2500-Rs 3400 (double occupancy).

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