Itachuna Rajbari

” Itachuna Rajbari…”

The place where you will get the flavour of Zamindar’s lifestyle....


There are 03 Rajbaris in West Bengal, which has staying options. “ITACHUNA RAJBARI” is one of them whose architectural brilliance will definitely mesmerize you.

It is situated under Pandua gram panchayat in Hoogly district of West Bengal. It is built by the ancestors of Shri Safallya Narayana Kundu, a Maratha warrior in 1766. The other name of the Rajbari is ” Bargee Danga”. Bargee is a name given by the Bengal’s to the Maratha warriors. Shri Dhruba Narayan Kundu is the 14th generation and is one of the present successors of the Rajbari.

The Rajbari is divided into 3 parts. The outer part has offices & an old living room. The middle part has a Narayan mandir with a huge Thakurdalan infront which contains a series of lamps & ornate wrought iron benches.

The inner part has big verandahs, jalsha ghar, rooms etc..

Rajbari has many big chandeliers, hand-drawn fans, antique furniture like Aramkedara which portraits the lavish and extravagant lifestyle that the Zamindar used to lead. It has a big pond inside the Rajbari. It also has a Shiva temple.

Accommodation- In first floor, there are 09 rooms for staying ranging from Rs 4500-4800. In ground floor, there are 05 rooms ranging from Rs 3000-4700. They have 04 mud huts ranging from Rs 1500-2400. They arrange a day tour also for a group of minimum of 15 people. For more details and online booking, go through Rajbari website..

How to reach – It is easily accessible by road and by train also. If you are travelling by train, then board Howrah-Bardhaman local train and get down in Khanayan station. If you are travelling by car, then go to Durgapur expressway, cross Azad Hind Dhaba, then Hindusthan Hotel on left, take the next left exit and turn right under the bridge, this is Bosipur, now straight drive towards Halusai, take left towards Khanayan station, after 10mins drive, you will reach your destination.

Food- It is a paradise for those who love Bengali mouth-watering authentic dishes. After arriving, they will serve you a ‘ Gandharaj Lebu’ sarabat whose taste is unforgettable. There are many dishes. But don’t forget to taste ‘Mutton Kosha’ and ‘ Chanar Dalna’, they are the most delicious. The food are served by local women.

My writing will be incomplete without describing their great hospitality . The people who are working here are very well-behaved & are always ready to help you with a smile on their face. Their service is truly commendable.

Booking details – For online booking and any other information, please follow the link given below :-

I stayed in the Rajbari on 15th August 2019. According to my experience, sharing some travel tips which can make your trip more memorable and beautiful.

i) Must have a walk in the early morning in their garden and on the roof, to hear the chirping of birds. ii) Don’t miss the Sandhya Aarati in Thakurdalan in the evening. iii) There is a flute player inside the Rajbari. He plays flute every day. Please don’t miss the opportunity to hear the lovely songs that he plays. It’s a lifetime experience. iv) After Sandhya Arati, go to ‘cha ghar’ and have tea or coffee over there. Spend your leisure time here. There is a big chess board inside it.

So, if you want to enjoy the life of a Zamindar, then do visit this place to have a wonderful experience of rich culture and heritage of West Bengal…



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